if i could live my life again
do it all over in just one day
i’d hit the ground running
letting no unkind words
lead me astray
if in your eyes and words
i seem to be unafraid
know that the battle scars i’ve earned
have been carefully buried and laid
to rest inside of my breast
unfit to be displayed
all the mornings i rose
all the evenings i slept
all the dreams i pushed aside
all the secrets i kept
all the smiles i have faked
all the tears i have wept
keeper of the dawn bearer of the light
stealer of the peace
coming swiftly in the night
blood on my feet
from walking over stone
i traveled far and wide
let this truth be known
be still my heart
and let me not fail
as i am reborn to begin anew
as my memories lay heavily veiled
if in your eyes and words
i seem to be unconcerned
remember my prayers
and all that i’ve learned
this time next life
lately is my hope
no circles of confusion exist
to tie around my neck as rope
weighing down my ambitions
stamping out my traditions
o Lord i cry and wonder
what are these tricks on me You play?
am i to forever wander?
will the sun set on me one day?
cancel all my plans
close my eyes and say good night
let You lead me where You will
let me bathe in Your light


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