‘nother one


my final tenuous grip on reality

starts to slip i’m in danger

of losing all control

losing the battle against the hurricane

that’s thrashing my brain waves

trashing my common sense

decimating my innocence

tearing down my picket fence

it’s stifling my voice

i grow hoarse with the effort

of making silent screams

that don’t reach

the ears that have already closed

how many victims have fallen

nobody cares and nobody knows

zombies roam the streets

infected by viruses disguised by clever beats

and weeks go by

before they notice there’s something wrong

the leaders have been replaced with

cookie cutter shapes of double talking heads

free speech free think freedom to be

is dead

the hive mind has taken control

of the public sphere

individualism has become something to fear

watching those who watch me

talking sh!t and taking names

disturbed enough not to sleep not to eat

no talking on the phone

sitting in the window with no lights on

so my neighbors won’t see the glare

this f**king Amerikan dream

just turned into a nightmare


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