Time To Wake Up


i’m getting lies from the screens and
lies from the papers
lies from the teachers and
lies from the neighbors
my brain carries so much
it’s contagious
ready to explode and
modify my behavior
truth comes creeping in
why should i believe it
why should i entertain
not listening to my leaders
what’s it got to do with me
i’m just trying to make a living
raise 2 kids shun the spotlight
remain unchanged
but the cries of the people come
pleadingly beseechingly
hoping for freedom from their chains
this will not go peacefully
voices getting louder and
my ears start to bleeding
my heart starts to pleading
with me
get up stand up
you have no immunity
be one with the community
raise your hands your fists your fire
go confront the liar
count the bodies in the ditches
languishing in prisons
overworked underpaid struggling to survive
the degree holders that can’t find 9 to 5s
no sick days no health care
do They really care
that the people are crying dying
do They find this satisfying
no i can’t listen
but running away is in vain
because since my eyes have opened
all i feel is pain
my sister my brother my lover my mother
the whole damn world is suffering
in tibet in iraq in zimbabwe afghanistan
can’t you see Their evil plan
once in my history was enough
i refuse to be slave again
no mindless drone
no puppet without a soul
ever think about the children dying in mines
so you can play games on your console
when you lace up your sneakers
ever think about the kid that lost a finger
stitching the leather
sleeping outside in all sorts of weather
or the blood in the oil
when you fill up that suv
when the devastation is shown
do you change the channel on the tv
apathy is for fools
the day is coming
when you must choose
whether you will die free or live enslaved
lend me your honor and your strength
lend me your voice your anger and all your rage
i demand of you beseechingly
don’t let this go by peacefully


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