We Are Women, Hear Us Roar


I’m a working woman

Strong woman

Hard and sweet

Soft and sour

Whenever I choose to be

In my everyday character

I display

The very essence of

Black womanhood

I’ve got a slender figure

Long tresses

Sweeping my back

Swaying to the rhythm of

My hips

As I switch

Down the corridor

I have a short cut

No perm

Voluptuous curves

All natural

All the way underneath

My beige complexion glows

With black berry


I know I am

A Queen

What else could I be?

Now my King understands

The Rules

That I established

First date

I am no man’s bitch

My mama ain’t raise

No kind of fool

So I’ll treat him

With all due respect

Like he should be

But he should always


To treat me

Hold me

Like I command

And hail

To the Queen in me


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