they hate me

sometimes i wonder why i care

hard hearts filled to the brim with

jealousy greed and envy

waiting to see if i’ll lose what

they covet

makes me wonder why

could it be

i’m so beautiful

that no one cares to see my face

alive with great pleasure

when i cry

trying to fit my pieces

in the puzzle of life

they hate me

sometimes i wonder why i care

every place i make it to

i’m ready to go someplace place else

traveled miles to get where i stand

now don’t know quite where

to sit

universe guiding me through my pain

what goes out there always

comes back

laws of the metaphysical tame my thoughts

can’t do much about my heart

got so-called friends in line to

take my place

when i leave i’m not looking back

going on to a more tolerant place

where green is the color of only grass

not the color in my enemy’s eyes


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