World News Tonight

Just remember.. no matter how badly you believe your life is going, there is ALWAYS someone worse off than you.

World News Tonight
pride is my mistress envy my sin
but that’s just the way
of the world
maybe weight
of the world
resting on my shoulders
no college degree
stuck sittin’ watchin’ T.V.
it brings the news the pain the fear
September 11, 2001
a date etched in my memory
pockets empty shoes talkin’
good man walkin’
scraping by the skin of his
unwashed neck
“spare some change?” the old man asked
no victory defeated
his life left incomplete
a real live ghost
nobody knows his name
what would have happened that day
had he made that train
was his destiny in 2003?
knock three times on the door
to Hell
oops i mean the door to
Serenity Tranquility
lights got cut off
no gas no water no Nintendo
and the phone bill is overdue
soup for dinner
it’s the middle of winter
re-po man behind door number 2
i don’t know NATO
my job moved to Mexico
i don’t remember this part of
The Dream
the blues the greens the grays
it’s all the same
called the pray-a-thon number
got hung up on
the suicide hotline couldn’t stop me
on my knees thinkin’
what’s the use
misery is callin’ me
got chased down the street
rabid pit bull houndin’ me
followin’ me murderous gleam
in her eye
Mad Cow came to visit
tried to find a new religion
but the mad bombers found me
guerrillas in my backyard
snipers on the roof
cell phone takin’ pictures of me
applied for credit got denied
somebody stole my identity
finally woke up in the morning
thought it was a brand new day
but then i had to get out of bed….


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