could it be?

could it be?

could it be
that you’re afraid of me
fearful of what i
might bring into your life
deeply concerned
that i may be
the only woman to see
into your heart
‘cause every time i fall
in love
the light in my soul
shines fiercely
and everything brightens
under my touch
could it be
that you view me
my love
and your need
as a surrender unto
cosmic forces
and things out of your control
instead of running away
i seem to float so free
along the stretch of road
to take your hand
i’ll take you out of
the cold
holding you in my arms
hoping you’ll see love
in my eyes
could it be
that you fear me
and the foundations
on which i stand
every time i fall in love
my happiness breaks free
all i ask is that
you stay here
eagerly at my side
looking into my eyes


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