open letter to the people in charge

An open letter

It’s like being on a chain gang
Or an assembly line of oppression
Tell me
How do you sleep at night
Doing what you do?
Breaking up families
Ruining lives
Making off with innocence
Building warehouses with bars
To house the brown and black
Accepting hush money for a bigger
Tax check
You claim to know my story
But you don’t see me
Or the time and money wasted
On a useless degree
‘Cause I can’t find a job
‘Cause I got bad credit
‘Cause I can’t find a job
And what did you call me?
My name is not
No job having welfare queen jezebel
I don’t fit into your boxes
Those time-honored categories
Created to make you imagine yourself
One lie exposed 9900 to go
You say I talk too much
Gotta find a way to quiet me
Throw me a half-chewed bone
Tell me that’s my slice of the pie
Oops Mr. Leader Man
I think you just told another lie
See I don’t have a place
In your Amerikkkan dream
And really
I don’t want in on your
Amerikkkan scheme
What have you done for me lately
Let’s compare notes
You shackled me enslaved me
Berated me castrated me
Bamboozled me depressed me
Ain’t that sh.t funny
Robbed me wounded me
Left me for dead
And all the time I wonder
What was in your head

How do you sleep at night
Doing what you do?
Fighting unnecessary wars for
Unnecessary gains
Letting children grow up hungry
And all this in your own country
Busy running around the globe
Conquering to build
Your pseudo-democratic
Worldwide empire
Promoting laziness
Calling good citizens under fire
Because they question you
You’ve shed more blood
Than most wars combined

While you’re shaking hands
Our heads are shaking
Look at that
The earth is quaking
And it’s all thanks to you
Tell me

How do you sleep at night
Doing what you do?

…to be continued…


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