Things I’ve Learned

Enjoy the new one! 🙂

the lesson

being without you
tears a rip
in my heart
I never believed
I would survive
this far apart
our bodies are close
but our minds
are closed off
I can’t hear you dreaming
I can’t go on
like this

rumors of lovers
reach my ears from afar
waste no time crying
packed my bags
and I’m gone
what we used to have
take this time
to mourn
the corpse must be buried
this remnant of our love

30 days and nights
the peace
just won’t come
I feel you keening
as our souls
are still one
across the distance
from the heights
over the plains
mountains don’t crumble
but rivers will flow
pick up the pieces
but I don’t know
how many I can hold

all my fears
when I see you
every time
every time
I’m yours
can’t stop the yearning
I’ve learned
to let go


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