this chance

this chance

i used to want to grow up
to be just like you
all apple pie sugar and spice
and happy endings too
but then one day
i saw you through the mirror
the looking glass reflected
a truth i didn’t want to see
so here i am
fighting you
oh Amerika
how could you make me feel
so black and blue
watching things change around me
watching blood flow
in the streets
watching alley ways become home
to a little known thing
called Shame
my afro wild
rings on my toes
see Jane run
but Tyriq get run
down that lonely railroad
what does it matter
how many times a day
i pray?
want to label all unknown
the enemy
because things in their tongue
you cannot say
the ink you see
relaxes me
i bought life into this world
you owe me
for my shattered dreams
but your bounced check
was marked
“paid in full”


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