peaceful me

peaceful me

one of these days i’m gonna run
leaving sorrow far behind
deep in the dust
chasing after rainbows
in the sky
one of these days
i’m taking off my mask
shaking lose my spirit
one misconception at a time
until then
here i sit
crying out my eyes
drowning in my tears
held captive by my fears
i wanna leave this hateful place
but i’m lonely on my own
don’t have the strength to fight
wondering if i’ll ever be
all right
the sun sets over me
as i lay me down to sleep
dreaming dreams of paradise
hoping they’ll remember me
one of these days
i’m gonna feel so free
can’t do it by myself
maybe God will send some help
‘cause only He
can comfort me
as i wait for the dawn
of a brand new day
upon my knees i fall to pray
asking will today will the moment come
where i’ll achieve my goal
and become free
peaceful little me


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