the way you…..


the way you….

honey baby don’tchu kow
i love you thinkin’ of you
every night and day
in every way
sugah don’tchu know
this thang we got goin’ on
is so wrong got me wonderin’
how long
can i stand the pain
got me itchin’ in my thoughts
ain’t christian in the
slightest bit
need a hit need a taste
feel my heartbeat race
while i’m
tossin’ and turnin’
my mind is burnin’
stomach churnin’
i’m feelin’ good today
lost in your arms
overwhelmed by the charms
you used to disarm
me let down my guard
there’s a song in my body
boy you play me like a
violin ain’t this a sin
to feel this good
can you keep a secret
this is getting’ heated
first time i remember
feelin’ like this
can i call it bliss
when i felt your kiss
upon my lips
is it me you’re out to devour
hour after hour
my limbs quiver like a flower
in the spring breeze
the way you
tease me
please me
don’t release me
keep me captive in this dream
oh you make it seem
like i’m the only worthy
woman satisfaction guaranteed
make me wanna plead
fall down on my knees
baby baby please
overcome by sleep
you make me wanna weep
tears of joys runnin’ down
my face cuz you always
take me to that place


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