No, not the Xscape song……


I understand, man
That this world be damned, eff the police obsession
Led to your ill-stated, ill-begotten confession
And locked you down in the system
Forever and all eternity
But do you realize you missed the opportunity
To redeem yourself in the eyes of those
Who seek to crucify me?
Rather than protect me
You linked arms with the enemy
Used the destruction of my innocence
As fodder for the canon of your smooth talking
Yeah, I understand, man

As I’m the one that bathed you birthed you
And raised you
I nursed you at my breast
When you needed me I was a witness
To the evils that sought to engulf you
In the flames
Yet I’m the tool of your emasculation
I gave you life
And you give me public humiliation
Oh, such hypocrisy!
To accuse me of doing
Ungodly things
While you fall to your knees
Worshiping the green as King
Building an altar of flesh to sacrifice
Good sense and throwing away dreams
Yeah, man, I understand what you mean

Lost in the prison of your mind
Hidden behind
The bars of deception and naivety
Unable to focus on reality
Yet you question me
And my commitment to the long haul
This weakness you detest is present in your failure
To achieve absolute success
Your vision wavers due to
Misguided misconceptions
Sinking to a level of using sex and fear as your
Only weapons
Your betrayal brought me to my knees
With tears of pain
I pleaded with you
But my cries were all in vain
Deaf ears heard my voice
You turned your back on the one who had your corner
Forgot my face
Treated me as a foreigner
One who was unknown to your intimacies
You walked away as the air between us
By several degrees

I understand, man
Your authority felt threatened
Your manhood was endangered
You lashed out badly angered
I was just in the way
Not so innocent bystander casualty
In cahoots with the Devil
Plotting against you gleefully
Yeah, that’s me
You almost convinced me
I’m not what I appear to be
I’m your mother your sister
Every woman you ever loved
Every woman you ever hurt
Every woman you will desert
Fleeing from the fear
That the hour draws near
That the Angel of Judgment will rest upon your shoulder
And your neck will rest in the cold grip of Death
And away will fly your carefully laid plan
Yeah, man
I understand


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