convince me

convince me

the silence is deafening
overwhelming me
crushing me
seeking to annihilate the fantasies
that played in my head
from the moment we kissed
casually mating our minds
downplaying words of wisdom
those precious jewels whispered
as the clock struck the hour
but did i listen?
don’t expect me to
overlook your infidelities
or swallow canned excuses
sandwiched between your lies
that shocking diatribe
addressed to my heart
with giddiness
i reconsider this
one time transgression
writing it off as a lesson
hard learned swiftly ending
any hope of camaraderie
so i convinced myself
and there you were
on bended knee
sweet words of apology
tumbling from your lips like
an unrestricted gush of sensitivity
Heaven only knows
what was running through your
head at the moment you spoke
softly begging me to hear you
and understand the plan
you created on the fly
my vertigo arrives slow
spinning me into darkness
while i feel my heart twitch
and i can’t help but reminisce on
stimulating conversation
energetic lovemaking
passionate kisses
you should have told me
about the Mrs.
my discombobulation overrides
my good nature
i feel helpless
i call you selfish
how can we correct this?
to think we
started so innocently
i know you’re digging me
but convince me
it’s not all for naught
but what could we be
midnight creep booty call
chick on the side
something else is keeping you
occupied at all times
maybe it’s not at all
meant to be so convince me
that my tears were unnecessary
an overreaction
to an instant unattraction
to the truth


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