so simple

so simple

wish it was so simple
to just be who i am
tired of separating words
trying to make you understand
how you want me to be
frankly i don’t give a damn
war between
my soul and your soul
trying to make me see things
my mind says aren’t real
and it’s a doggone shame
that some things never change
do you love me enough
to leave me alone
stop the obscene noises
on my phone
dialing my number
hanging up acting like a fool
when all i ever asked
you to do
is respect me
and what i’m trying to do
wish it was so simple
to live my life
let me lead me
without scrutiny from the
hypocritical masses of this
twisted society
where the rich get richer
and the poor –
say no more
you say your heart’s broken
‘cause she worked a root on you
so why the hearts of other
lonely ones
how does it feel
to be a breaker
if it was all so simple
we could all tell the truth
and handle honesty
with no wars between our souls


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