untitled 19

untitled 19

far and away
from here
my soul flies so freely
who would have thought
that the shell i was living in
would crumble so easily?
through these jaded eyes of mine
i watched the world turn ’round
and ’round and around it spins
makin’ me so dizzy all the time
unraveled the threads
of the web i spun
to keep you close to me
the petals of love i spread
withered underneath your gaze
the winter wind chilled me so
as i watched you turn and walk away
release me
release my heart
from the shackles of this fate
i’ll do anything for your love
but from your hate
i cannot escape

far and away
from here
on top of the tallest peak
rests the soul that flew from me
chasing you
i’m bound by desire
imprisoned by my need to please
when did this agony
when did this pain
fill my time?


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