Been Thinking About Domestic Violence

A testimony written in the voice of any one who has sat and watched, helplessly, as someone they loved was abused.

pain of my sister

look at you
huddling in shame
hiding your face
hoping that no one
points out the mistake
that you make
whenever you return
to the house
that is not a home
staring at the phone
waiting for the call
from your man
that you’re half hoping
would never come
because you’re wishing to be freed
from the choke chain
that suffocates you
cuts off your air supply
makes you want to die
but your family already knows
that inside of your heart
you’re already dead
you no longer make a sound
as he violates your body
rapes your mind
pounds you into submission
curses you
makes you think you’re unworthy
of everybody but him

you don’t believe me?
the light inside of your soul
is steadily shrinking
it’s almost curtains for your
your hopes
your dreams
your reality is sucking up
your vitality
we’re losing you
don’t turn around
he’s coming
cover your lips honey
child don’t take a breath
if he hears you breathing
he can find you
wherever you go
just trace your heartbeat
follow the last of your
heavenly glow
you’re cut off from your friends
your neighbors
only know your voice
from your screams

what would you have me do
if i could
i’d take
the beating for you
i cry when you cry
my heart hurts from the pain
i offered you my hand
but you shrugged me off
fearing for my life
if he ever found out
that i was watching
that i knew his evil deeds
his mask is chipped
the pieces are falling
shards of glass
crunched under my feet
i have to walk away
i can’t bear guilt
of leaving you in his arms
left with no choice
but to pray
away your from side
remember i love you
and that in my memories
you will always survive


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