ignorance ain’t bliss
while y’all sippin’ on Cris
sayin’ “here a dolla, there a dolla
ev’rybody holla, holla”
what you don’t realize
there’s more to the game
10 years from now
how many will remember your name
see first comes those phat beats
to hypnotize our minds
then the girls dress naked
and shake their behinds
while y’all sittin’ chillin’
takin’ a toke
the whole generation’s goin’
up in smoke
believin’ the lies that say
“Thug Lord for life”
makin’ young girls babies mamas
instead of callin’ ‘em “wife”
bringin’ our poor parents
nothin’ but shame
hopin’ on Judgement Day
the Lord forgets your name
corruption runnin’ rampant
no one seems to care
sweetest soundin’ words are
“Live! You’re on the air”
jumpin’ around on stage
lookin’ like buffoons
if y’all bounced any harder
y’all would be cartoons
i’m not violent by nature
but how much more can i take
getting’ tired ‘bout hearin’
how much money you make
and some of y’all ladies
you know it’s a shame
i wouldn’t call my neighbor’s dog
by none of those names
wanna be the illest the baddest
and a sister named Shady
went on the next track
and called herself a lady
the bling it stings
it’s blinding my eyes
and it ain’t real gold
so stop tellin’ them lies
the dreams the drama
you slapped your mama?!
she thought she was the girl of the week
but you laughed and told her
she was just a freak
and if all of this
fails to make you think
to the lowest depths of Hell
i will watch you sink
faster than a diamond
in a bottle of Cris
ignorance ain’t bliss


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