inconvenient love

inconvenient love

it is the memory of your pity
that is devastating me
trying to keep
the fantasy
from the reality
that feels like cold water
splashed on my face
it doesn’t matter what you say
the truth is in your eyes
and in the roughness of your touch
you never wanted me

like a bird with clipped wings
trapped in a gilded cage
singing songs for your ears
forcing down my anger
exuding sympathy for you
who was left behind
in the restructuring of love
bound together with me
by some twisted melody
i’ll be the slave to your passion
you can be the saviour
of my sanity
i never wanted you
you never wanted me

dance the dance of
never ending veils
hide away my sins
cover up the fairy tales
that you told me
when you led me to your bed
i let you hold me
because you lied
you did as i asked
so why
does that make me sad
the convenience
of our togetherness
has seen the sun set
from a distant star
i’d never ask you to stay
you wouldn’t stay anyway
we never wanted this


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