Changing Direction And Finding a Path

It’s funny how it happens. You’re cruising along, heading happily towards your mapped/planned destination. You hit a snag, a bump, a block, and have to take a detour. Next thing you know, you’re 50 miles off course, and enjoying yourself. You figure you’ll get where you need to be eventually, or you find that your original plan no longer holds your interest.

That’s where I am now. Recently, I was gung-ho about writing science fiction. I had the plots, the characters, the time lines. Everything was mapped out. I found myself confused about how to treat a couple of “supporting role” characters. That turned into a 3 week “vacation” from writing anything other than bits and pieces of what are supposed to be poems. Due to a series of “weird” dreams, I have completely changed direction in my writing.

Perhaps, it is best for me to simply hop in my (metaphorical) car and see where the road takes me. From this day forward, I will record my dreams and random thoughts faithfully, insha’Allah. Who knows? Maybe my best work is the stuff that I never intended to write.


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