walk this way

Yes, I know.. It has been a minute since I posted a new poem. Well, here you are, my dear readers. Enjoy!

walk this way

in this best case scenario
i’m watching the watchers
that are watching me
undecided about the level of hostility
that they should give me
i can hear their thoughts
broadcasting loud and clear
is this a sneak attack?
should we protect the rear?
when i’m just a lone woman
towards the destiny
that Allah the Most High
has set in front of me
i’m a teacher i’m a mother
i’m daughter i’m a lover
my existence in this life
is as it should be, see?
if you view me as a threat
your mind is small and closed
my only weapons are intelligence
knowledge and experience
wrapped up in the faith
that’s gonna set me free

i can only testify
that the path i walk
with measured steps
is paved with uneven stones
and in places
it has crumbled
leaving gaps
that make me stumble
and throw my rhythm off
leave me wandering
and discombobulated
i knew
that it was not meant to be easy
but harsh reality
sometimes appears to tease me
dangling the shiny things
money cars and diamond rings
status wealth and power
with minions to control
trying to
exploit my weakness
trying to tempt my soul
but i face the east and pray
with my head bowed low


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