why i write

To all those who have asked…..

why i write

i write
to free my soul
to ease my mind
from the burdens of guilt and pain
from the daily prejudices
against my faith
my color
my sex
my tax bracket
my choice of occupation
my level of dedication
to the struggle
and sometimes
just to be

i write because the words
beg to be freed
from the cages
of hostility
and conformation
because the pen
beseeches me
calls out to me in my sleep
hold me
use me
make me your tool
i only wish
that i could dance
to twist and contort my body
to leap and stomp
to express these things
to give the people
something to see

and i am thanked
by the fluttering of my heart
the calmness of my spirit
i have released
the demons
the locks and the chains
the barbed wire has been set aside
and the wall has come down

why do i write
i write
to be


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