greet the dawn with this
inescapable loneliness
you must be crazy
to tell me such a thing
long ago i prayed
that i would never
see the day
that you turned your back to me
and walked away
leaving me
encased in sorrow
and blanketed with dismay
you made a fool
out of me
had me believing in
your twisted soul
with your crooked tears
calling me
you’re both the spider and the snake
sweet talking me
while spinning your web
all around me
and here i thought i was safe with you

and when your false prophecies
failed to come to pass
still i stood by you
fighting those
who insisted on
accusing you
on this last night
of my earthly life
i simply want to say to you
thank you for
the memories
thanks for the lessons
thanks for showing me
the meaning of friends
made a fool out of me
but when i look back
i’m just as guilty
i let you use me
i let myself
be used by you
there should be no mystery
i’m no sphinx
i don’t guard your tomb
you released me
from the spell
and i release you
from this hell
please forgive me
for enabling your demise
for listening to you lies
for better and for worse
i overlooked your disguise

welcome the moon
with my head hung low
wanted to save you
thought i could break your bonds
instead i set you adrift
and left myself to hang on
endured the feeling of
endured the scorn
was it for you?
was it for me?
now i’m blind and cannot see
and that’s the best news
since i no longer have to be
that contradicts me
goodnight, lover
goodnight, friend


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