So, yeah, I haven’t written anything lately. But I have 2 very good reasons. First of all, my husband and I bought a house and moved. Yes! I am officially a homeowner. All the packing and transferring and unpacking and setting up.. eh. I’m just glad that’s over.

The second reason is because I just got the internet turned back on over the weekend. Score! Now I do not have to travel to my local library and wait 2 hours for one of the 5 computers they have. Maybe it’s time to go to one of those town hall-city council meetings and make some suggestions for efficiency. Hmm…

I’m working on a few things, I promise. Couple of stories, random poems, and e-book or 2. There is also a Paypal donation button on this site; feel free to contribute. Or visit my Avon store and buy yourself something.

Mommy duty calls for me, so I have to go. Be blessed!


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