In My Mind

Random love poem. Enjoy!


in my mind

from our first kiss

you’ll keep me safe

in your arms

always protect me

keeping me from all harm

know you’re only human

but you’re Superman to me

breaking down my walls

leading me to ecstasy

and i’ll be waiting

when you come home

eager for that day

when i won’t be alone

in my mind

you’re close always to me

and in my heart

you’re right here next to me

can’t help but dreaming

can’t help my wishing

can’t stop my praying

until you’re in my life

i see your picture

hanging on my wall

day after day

deeper into this love i fall

always hope you’re thinking

of me

remembering the words you promised me

and that all this distance

will vanish with your call

and when that time arrives

and i’ll be your wife

and you pledge to cherish me

for the rest of your life

can’t help my wishing

can’t stop my praying

can’t help but dreaming

until you’re here to stay


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