in this world

It’s not often that my own work makes me cry. I was reading a couple of bios about people that get into drugs and bad relationships; this poem was born from that. There are people in this world without hope. Let’s all remember our own blessed lives because they could be worse.


in this world

in this world
that i have forsaken
my heart
insists to focus
on sinful things
i have succumbed
to the love
of a creation
i should oppose
but just like lightening
it struck from nowhere
made me weak in my knees
and now i’m blind
and i can’t see
but what’s close to me
and who
my time has gone to
and where i
misplaced my soul
i’m shaken to my core
spend my days wandering
away from home
lost in the city
wishing for the trees
to offer me cover
hide me from view
i know
some will not see me
because i’ve strayed
i am
no longer chaste
i can
no longer be saved
what is to
become of me?
do you still hear
me pray?
in this world
i’ve found a place
of no rest
in this world
i gave it my best
in this world
i’m on my own
in this world
my desires
have brought me my downfall
i know
it’s too late
to fall back on faith
when my actions
have proved
that i deserve disgrace
i ask
has the sky not yet
i demand
has the ground not yet swallowed
me and all my dreams
truly truly truly
i’m left with no fear
in the distance i see
a faint guiding light
could it be
could it be meant for me?
in this world
i built up these walls
in this world
i watched them crumble and fall
my everything is gone
nothing is left
for me
in this world


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