Stop The World

Well, this was… interesting. Hey, it’s early and I woke up with it in my head. Comments are welcome!


stop the world
and let me off
it’s turning much too fast
sun rise sun set
moon up
the days are running from me
i can’t breathe
at this speed
can we at least
slow it down?
my concentration
has fractured in places
and i’m filled to the brim
with despair
where’s the fun i used to have
lazing around in the noon sun?
where’s the boredom i
used to claim
late at night
watching the minutes tick away?

stop the world
and let me off
my head seems
ready to explode
too much information
is crammed in
and i’ve got no way
to release
if knowledge is power
than i’ll gladly pass
and return to being meek
living life so gently
sweetly cautious
and leisurely

if you can’t stop the world
then just maybe
you can stop me


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