when that freedom calls

when that freedom calls
from across the river wild
horses could not impede my path
never stop the beating of my heart
never keep me down
don’t hide the sun from my eyes
let me see the world
i will inherit this moment
ancient blood
flowing through my veins
from the first woman and man
i claim my place in history
don’t you dare look down on me
because my skin’s tone
is deeper than the sea
the midnight blooms on my lips
and the taste of sweet berries
makes me reminisce
home-baked pies and wide open fields
i remember these things

now i lay me down to sleep
i pray the Lord my soul to keep
let the grave be spacious and comfort me
til the day i rise
to receive the book of my life
there is no paradise on these shores
to be found

when that freedom calls
clasp my hand and follow me
through the stream
to the hills
through the mountains
to the sea

the Earth protects her own


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