For The Ummah

A couple of things:

1.  Do you know that song by Lina, “Don’t Say Nothing”? Well, it sort of got stuck in my head..

2.  This is not necessarily from personal experience, but it is from first person recounts. I have met a number of people who shy away from joining a community, or have run from Islam all together due to their treatment at the hands of fellow Muslims. This poem is not for the victim, but the victimizer.


sin and a shame

spend all your time talkin’

’bout the style of my clothes

whether i uncover my hair

or even paint my toes

never bother askin’

if i complete my five

just assume that i’m the worst

and to be no better i strive

gossipin’ backbitin’

that’s the way of your crew

i don’t know if you know

but the one who’s sinnin’

is you

don’t get emotional and weepy

just ’cause your secret is out

don’t you give me evil eyes

don’t you dare try to pout

heard you sayin’ somthin’

’bout my musical taste

bet you won’t say nothin’ ’bout it

right direct to my face

could’ve spent your time constructively

and reading The Book

‘stead of comin’ to the iftar

shunnin’ the food that i cook

you could have welcomed me

and took me under your wing

but you chose to do none of it

your rejection still stings

but it’s alright, my sister

if you were never my friend

sometimes i sit and wonder how

we’ll each be judged in the end

don’t get emotional and weepy

now that your secret is out

take back that evil eye, woman

don’t you dare try and pout

i haven’t named no names

so if you’re feeling guilty

maybe you should look into the mirror

‘stead of lookin’ at me


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