HARTbreak part 5

A day early! WHOO-HOO! Enjoy it while it lasts. The end is nigh, unfortunately. Look forward to the conclusion which is coming soon, insha’Allah. In the meantime, let’s finish looking inside of Cassius’s head.


She’s coming.

I could feel her the moment she tripped the perimeter alarm. She was coming, and fast. Grinning, I glanced down at the two human forms. They seemed to be lifeless, but with my sophisticated hardware, I could detect their shallow breathing. The vitals were the low end of normal, but they were alive. The man, Shane, I believe he is called, lay on his side. As I squinted at him, I became sure that I was able to see his fingers twitch. Ah. That one would be awakening soon.

Darn. I had so hoped to have HART all to myself.

The other one, the woman, what was her name? McRibbon? McRib? McRidge! Yes. McRidge. She was curled up into what is termed “fetal position.” She looked like a little ball. Perhaps that kick to her ribcage contained just a tad too much power? I sometimes forget that I am no longer fully human, and that my power is no match for their delicate systems. I can not be blamed for this. Blame those damned scientists and soldiers, government dogs, all of them! They did this to me. They robbed me of my chance to live a normal life.

Payback is a bitch, to steal a phrase from the past. They forced this on me, forced me to do their dirty work and then slated me for destruction? Tossed me away when I proved that I was stronger than them? Very well. I vowed when I left them that I would show them that they were correct fear me.

I jumped down from my perch on the roof through the open skylight. After landing with a thud! I stood, stretching my limbs lazily. This body that they gave me wasn’t all bad. I was over six feet tall, and had a nice athletic build. My skin covering was dark brown and soft and smooth to the touch. Women, and some men, loved me. But I cared nothing for them. I wanted one person. Calling her a “person” may seem improper, as she is pure machine. But she has personality. She breathes. She sleeps. She eats. She is alive and she is meant to be with me. I know it. I can feel it. I have analyzed the data many, many, many times over the years.

I chuckled to myself and set in motion the elaborate homecoming I planned for my HART. Because I had been tracking her movements, I knew exactly where she stood. I could see her, crouched down, scanning the ground, searching for traces of the humans’ heat sigs. Briefly, I wondered if she would sniff the ground like a dog. That thought gave my pause, as that would be unbecoming for such a perfect woman.

She rose, and adjusted the rifles hanging from her delicate shoulders. Reaching deep into one of those delicious zippers on her clothing, she extracted a large serrated-edged knife. She turned, looked directly at the building I was standing in, and then up, almost directly into my eyes. Her lip curled up in a sneer, as if she could see me. Then again, she probably could. I know that she is capable of picking up infrared emissions.

I could feel myself beginning to tremble with excitement.

She is mine, and she is here.

I dropped my security shielding and welcomed her.


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