In Honor of National Poetry Day

So I’ve been listening to the blues lately. All modern forms of music come from the blues. Country. Rock. Metal. R&B. You have to understand where you have been in order to know where you are going. Having said that, and knowing that today is a celebration of poetry, here is my offering:


blues calling

maybe it’s the wind that chills me
maybe it’s the lack of sun
darling i know you hear me
from behind these prison walls
i built them
to keep you out
but instead they trap me in
my pick axe and shovel
ain’t helping much
i need you to tunnel in
free my heart
hold me love me save me
free me
from this cage of misery
just maybe
i don’t need you
to come and save me
maybe oh Lord maybe
this is a lesson i need to learn
i’m in the valley
and you’re on the hill
looking down on me
please lift me up
but you turn away
telling me to climb
tough lovin’
is the way of you
and maybe i need to stay
buried in this gray despair
until i can find my way
free my heart
unchain me from this blasted misery
free me
hold me love me save me
take my hand
guide me to safety
i know that you can hear me call
i must find a way
through this hampering mud and silt
bring back the sun
bring back the rain
to wash away my tortured pain
free me
free my heart
hold me


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