beside manner

bedside manner

do you hear
do you see
do you feel me in your soul
in that place where
the sun rises and the darkness falls
where you giggle and laugh
and hug your knees
and pretend to be
a child again
do you feel my breath
against your ear
in that place where you feel safe
do my words reach you
does my voice
through the tunnels
around the corners
over the walls
that you constructed when you withdrew
are you dreaming
are you trying
to live in the memories
of the moments
when you were here
do you understand
do you care
that you left us
discarded us like old garments
that no longer fit
tossed us aside
over the bridge
under the bus
are you there
are you listening to us
give me a sign
a smile
a single-digit salute
huff and puff
snort and shake
please won’t you wake
do you feel my skin
next to yours
pressing down
offering you warmth
wrapping around you
holding you close
do my tears feel like rain
as they land on your face
can you feel my hope
and my hand slide away
once i watch the light
then fade


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