Prey To Lose part 6

Short, sweet, and suspenseful. I’m lovin’ it!


Sugar blinked rapidly in disbelief. As she stared at her twin, she found herself announcing “I’m going home.”

Mae looked surprised. “You won’t fight with me?”

“Fight? Against SIFRAS? Have you lost your Goddess given mind!? Is your death wish that deep?” With every question, the younger woman’s voice rose higher. Pacing now, awkwardly thanks to the heavy boots and tight pants, she considered the possibility that whatever creature juice her sister had just consumed had fried her brain. Fight against SIFRAS. SIFRAS! The very organization that dedicated itself to the capture, study and disposal of several extraterrestrial species that the average Earth dweller still knew nothing about. Sugar groaned as a dull throbbing pain sprang up behind her eyes. She stopped pacing and slumped into a heap on the ground.

“They killed my daughter,” Mae stated.

“You don’t know that!” Sugar countered.

“They killed our mother. They enslaved us. They indiscriminately maim and kill the things that they do not understand.”

The younger twin flinched under the force of the verbal onslaught, but could not, would not, be drawn into her sister’s madness. “You’re crazy,” she muttered.

“I’m crazy?” Mae Dayton raised her eyebrows. “I’m not the one eradicating entire life systems.”

“They’re just.. afraid..”

“So we should suffer? NEVER! Who made them gods over us? Who told them that this planet was theirs to rule? Who commanded them to ravage the heavens and dispose of what they do not need? I am sick, sick sick of bowing to these puny humans who only know how to destroy. They have ruined me, and and destroyed two of the three people that I love in this world. And now. They. Will. PAY!” With those words, the flaming red lines and squiggles covering Mae Dayton’s body began to glow brighter.

Sugar watched in horror as the flame symbols changed shape and danced. Each one rose, hovering slightly above their wielder’s flesh.Within seconds, the lines and figures expanded, and melded seamlessly together, covering her sister’s body completely, from the top of her head down to the steel toe of her boots.

The figure standing opposite Sugar was no longer her twin, but a warrior in red armor. To complete the image the staff-neck-ornament-living-orange-blob-thing (Sugar could not be too sure what it was, as she had never in her life seen anything like it) seeped through the armor and crawled down Mae’s arm. Separating itself, it became a sword for the right hand, and a mace for the left.

Mae Dayton, no, the Fire Wielder, threw back her head and laughed.

“Well, hell,” Sugar said.

The armored figure turned to her. “Still you will not join me?” Her voice was deeper, throatier, and sounded nothing like the loving sister Sugar was sure she had known inside and out.

Shaking her head, she responded, “You’re really serious, aren’t you? Taking on SIFRAS.. Just what are you thinking, Mae?”

“I am thinking,” the warrior said sarcastically, “that it’s time for some payback. You know, revenge?”

“Do you think your daughter would have wanted this?”

The warrior slashed her sword through the air, as if to cut down the hurtful words. “Silence! Don’t pretend that you know anything about this. Are you joining me or not?”

“I’m going home,” Sugar said, repeating her earlier declaration.

“Coward,” the sister-warrior scoffed. She turned her back on her twin and the complex that held her  earliest memories of home. “Remember this,” she tossed over her shoulder. “If I fail, and SIFRAS wins, you’re next.” Releasing a cry of rage, the Fire Wielder jogged down the hill towards the city, picking up speed as she went. All too soon, she vanished from sight.

“Well, hell,” Sugar sighed. “You could have taken your car. Damn fool.”


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