Prey To Lose part 7

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Sorry it’s so short. Sick, distracted and taking care of 2 little people can do that. But, here it is. Part 7. Look forward to part 8 as it will be wrapping up soon.

Running at full speed, Mae Dayton knew that she registered as little more than a blur to the untrained eyes of most humans. Even so, she swiveled her head in all directions as she passed the populous areas on the way to the current headquarters of SIFRAS. Paranoia was healthy in her line of work. She tried amusing herself as she imagined what Sugar would say if she could see her. Just as quickly, her good cheer faded as she remembered that her sister was not by her side.

She had been forsaken by the last person on the planet with whom she shared a blood bond.

The armor blazed hotter, forcing Mae to clench her teeth and forcefully draw a ragged breath through her nose. She knew her cellular structure was breaking down, but willed her body to last until she dealt that corrupt bunch of pseudo-scientists and crackpots the punishment they deserved.

As if reacting to her anger, the scar on Mae’s lower abdomen twitched, sending a curiously calming sensation through her body. She took it as a sign that she was getting close to her target, and slowed down to a swift jog before stopping all together. Through the red haze of her armor, she took stock of her surroundings.

Just over that hill, she thought to herself. Just over that hill lies SIFRAS.They deserve every single bit of damage I’m going to give them. Fuckers. They destroyed my family. Now I will destroy theirs. Do unto others, right? Goddess be praised; justice will be served on this day!

She took a few cautious steps and stopped again when a wave of pain sliced through her body. She bent double, dropping her weapons; they dissolved and returned to its original orange, gelatinous state. The puddle sat quivering, as if waiting for instruction.

Mae groaned as sweat beaded her forehead. The temperature was rising inside of the suit. Her vision blurred, and she could hear nothing over the roar inside of her own head. Her breathing was fast and uneven, and her gut twisted and turned.

I wish I could take this damn thing off! she shouted inside of her skull. As if answering her command, the armor retracted itself, shrinking into spirals, stars, and squiggles. She hissed as the strange designs melted onto her body and embedded themselves into her skin, but felt instantly cooler as a light breeze ran across her exposed body.

After what seemed to her like days, but was probably no more than twenty or so minutes, the pain subsided. Sound returned to the world around her. She stretched out her hand, and the stuff on the ground rose, becoming, once again, a long staff. It flew to her, and she used it to stand. Shaking with the effort, she hauled herself upright and cursed.

I kept you alive. I sacrificed my safety and sanity to take care of you. I’ve lost my mother, my daughter, and now, probably you, too.

“Damn you, Sugar,” she spat.

“I love you, too, Mae Day.”


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