sorrow speaks

Hate is a strong word, but I must use it here. I HATE intolerance. I HATE bigotry. I HATE self-righteous people that can’t see the forest for the trees. I HATE seeing the pain in people’s eyes when they realize that they are alone, that they have been abandoned by those that they tried to love.

Feel me?

sorrow speaks

i am
drowning in tears
not meant for me
i cry
for the misbegotten
the ill-treated and abused
the ones with no tongues
whose voices have died
the ones who look out
with empty eyes
and curse the world
that denies
who imagined this
cookie cutter atrocity
into being
with regurgitated ideals
clogging the drains of freedom
and good sense
we don’t talk the same
we don’t dress the same
and that is why
we play this game
your God
my God
the gods that walk the earth
your sin
my pleasure
my joy
your pain
and yet
my tears still fall
we abandon those
we need us most
in the name of faith
and claim it good
and pure
condemn those souls
that are hanging on
aching for a cure
we deny the masses
what we hold dear
and do so proudly
saying it’s
the will of The Word
my tears will not cease
want for your brother
what you want for yourself
is paid lip service
and nothing more
feel the hurt
of those forgotten
and left behind
drown with me
in this pool of tears
sinking with
dreams deferred


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