Dirty Little Secret

dirty little secret

lost my pristine wings
when grace was rescinded
there’s no mercy for the likes of me
made to wander
as a flightless bird
cursed and marked
blessed and clean
i live among The Fallen
and rest among The Meek
hoping to inherit the Earth
cross and crescent
burned into my palms
six-pointed star on my face
third eye blind
chakras misaligned
double-headed snake tattoo
dancing on my arm
suffering the fate of perpetual scorn

i’m an outcast
and i’m outclassed
by my people
i’m bottom of the barrel
the nightmare you hate to dream
the nappy-headed step-child
you wish remained unseen

if you could lock me away
bury me beneath the sand
no matter the consequences
i believe you’d take that chance
you walk to the bass beat
feeling threatened by
my kettle and snare
my high hat makes you flinch
while you whisper
i shout
and you sleep while i dance
you close your eyes
and turn away
when i sing and clap my hands

that’s a shameful word
struck from your
is not in mine
can we agree

because i refuse to run away
hang my head
hide my face
or walk the shadows anymore
i will linger
letting my existence fester like a sore
until you see
what you need to see



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