Prey To Lose part 8

And with this, Prey To Lose is over.

Or is it?

Her spine stiffened as the silky tones of her sister’s voice caressed her ear.

“Fan-fucking-tastic,” she grumbled. “Now I’m hallucinating, too.” She shook her head, intending to clear the ghosts and cobwebs but only succeeded in making herself dizzy. She tightened her grip on her staff, willing herself not to fall flat on her face.

“Stop teasing me, Mae, or I will go home. For real this time!” Mae Dayton took a deep breath and whirled as slowly as she could. Standing not even ten feet away from her was her beloved sister.

Sugar Dayton stood with her arms folded, a sour expression on her face. She eased herself back to lean against her boxy vehicle, watching her twin watch her. She knew just what Mae saw: that Sugar had had changed from the red leather into a another boring suit. This one was gray, with white pinstripes. The jacket was open, revealing a button down white shirt – and custom nylon gun holsters. She’d kept the heavy boots on her feet, figuring that at some point, she would have to do some serious stomping.

The corner of Mae’s mouth twitched upward, and she fought to suppress it. “I knew you couldn’t handle that outfit.” She knew that she should not speak of Sugar’s previous fashion disaster, and should, instead, drop to her knees and thank her younger sibling for showing up. Knowing, however, does not equate with applying.

Sugar growled. “Last chance, Mae. Keep it up, and I’m gone.”

Mae lost the smirk, and fast. “What are you doing here, anyway? And how did you change clothes so quickly?”

Sugar gave her sister a haunted look. “It’s been over and hour since you left me back there. When I got here, you were twitching on the ground, but you were so hot that I couldn’t get near you.” She pulled herself completely upright and frowned. “Are you sure that you’re fine?”

Mae coughed, and grimaced as she tried to swallow. Her throat was sore. Come to think of it, she did feel a bit.. than she did just after the armor disappeared. She cocked her head and closed her eyes, taking in the sounds, the wavelengths riding the wind. She counted heartbeats, and called upon her new powers to see what was around them.

Her eyes snapped open. “Fuck!”

Sugar jumped to attention. “What is it?” she asked tensely.

“I know where the Fire Welder is. And get this: there’s more than one.”

“I thought you said that SIF-”

“Don’t say that so close to them. They’ll hear us.”

“Whatever, Mae. I thought you said their goal was to make a new Fire Welder, dispose of you, whatever. You said they killed your daughter.”



Mae looked her sibling in the eyes. “They’ve made her the new Fire Welder and they expect me to kill her.”

“WHAT?” Sugar yelled. She flung her arms skyward, and buried her hands in her hair. “How do you know this? How can you know this? I think you’re making this up.”

Using her free hand, Mae stroked the changed scar on her abdomen. “I know because of this,” she said, squeezing the scar. “When I got close to this place, this thing moved and sent me calming waves. It’s her. My daughter. We’re still connected, but not for long. She’s scared. And hiding. They’re looking for her, but stalling for time until we arrive.”

Sugar said “So. What do we do now?”

“What we came to do,” Mae shot back. “Kick their asses and make them pay.”

“Are you sure about this, Mae Day?”

“Have I ever lied to you before?”

“You’ve failed to tell me some very important information…”

“But have I lied?”


Mae glared at her younger sister.

“Oh, alright,” Sugar conceded. “You’ve never outright lied. That I know of.”

“Are you coming, Sugar?”

The younger woman pursed her lips, tapped her feet, and looked toward the sky. The sun was beginning to set. Darkness would arrive soon. The shadows could provide them cover, give them a slight element of surprise.

She frowned. Could she do this? Go up against the organization that allowed them to live on this planet? Go up against the organization that fractured her family and was killing her sister, and possibly her niece, too?


Sugar turned her back to her sister and opened up her car door on the driver’s side. “Let’s go. And none of that blazing armor shit in my car, either. I just got this sucker cleaned.”

Mae Dayton smiled and dragged herself to her sister’s side. “Got any smokes?”

Offering her sibling a look of disgust, Sugar said “You need to stop smoking that shit.” She paused, than said, “They’re in the glove box. And make sure you roll the damn window down!”

Chuckling, Mae said “You know, we don’t even have to fight them. We could just have you fuss at them.”

“Shut up, Mae Day!”

Over the hill, the complex that housed SIFRAS sat silent, waiting.


to be continued..?

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