short of breath
can’t stop or slow down
that brings instant death
hounds at my heels
dogging my steps
can’t even look back
or my soul will be swallowed
it’s not right
i’m not wrong
are you punishing me
for merely trying to exist?
this is
my Hell
rather than burn
i’m left alone in the cold

it’s easy to deny the things
you’ve never had to see
easy to disregard
all the the things you will never be

are you listening?
can you hear me now?
or is the static of your
bullshit still too loud?
i harmonize
while you seek to destroy
trapped in the death throes
of paltry entertainment
it’s my cross
my ball and chain
the road
engraved with my name
i must fight
defeat you
stop punishing me
for merely trying to exist
witness this


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