OMG I’m 30!

So, um, happy birthday to me?

I said it on Twitter just a couple of days ago “I spent my teens denying myself and my twenties finding myself. Guess I’ll spend my thirties BEING myself, insha’Allah.” And this is true.

I will no longer apologize for being me. Check the sign on the door. This site is named SUMAYYAH Said So. Not BLACK Sumayyah Said So. Not MUSLIM Sumayyah Said So. Not MOMMY Sumayyah Said So. SUMAYYAH Said So. What you see here are the things that happen in MY head. I’m not here to cater to anyone. This may lose me followers or incite some backlash, but I have to be true to myself. Besides, love me or hate me, as long as I can make you think, then I have done my job.


… because Sumayyah Said So, that’s why.

Happy Thanksgiving, Eid Mabrook, Happy Chanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to me!

P.S. To my wonderful parents, Gary and Patricia Lindsey – Thank you for giving birth to me and bringing me into this world. Thank you for raising me to be open-minded and down to Earth. Thank you especially for encouraging me to write. 30 years ago today you gazed upon my face for the first time, and I upon yours. Thank you for being there all these years. I love you!


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