Win To Prey part 2

And the plot thickens…

Sorry it’s so short, but this is all I have the energy to write tonight. 🙁

Sugar Dayton frowned at the warm body at her feet. She prodded him with the toe of her boot; he was definitely dead. She sighed, and pinched the bridge of her nose between the tips of her thumb and forefinger.

“I can feel her,” Mae Dayton hissed. “She’s here, I know she is. Where is she?”

“Dead men tell no tales,” Sugar quipped.


“Nothing,” Sugar said with a sigh. She looked over at the security desk, and zeroed in on the small screens. “Mae,” she prodded her twin.


“Look.” She pointed to the bank of monitors.

Mae pushed her foot into the dead guard’s chest and pulled her staff free from his ruined face. The smell of burned flesh permeated the air around them, but the woman did not notice. She eyed the glowing stick-like thing, checking for stains. Seeing none, she turned to see what her sister was going on about.

And felt her blood run cold as her heartbeat sped up.

Mae shoved her younger sister roughly aside in order to stand closer to the desk. On screen, a wet, disheveled teen was laughing. As if she could see the two women watching her, the younger female raised her hand and wiggled her fingers in an approximation of a wave.

“Oh Goddess, preserve me,” Mae choked. “It’s her. It’s really her.”

Sugar raised an eyebrow. “Is that -”

“Yes,” Mae sputtered. “That’s my daughter. That’s Zo.”

“You named her ‘Zo’?”

“Something wrong with that?” the older woman challenged, brandishing her recently used, fiery staff.

“Not at all,” Sugar muttered. “Not at all.” She turned in a slow circle in an attempt to understand their present location. “So,” she started, “how do we get to where she is?”

“I assume there’s some sort of a door, or.. something..” Mae trailed off, her concentration fractured by the sight of the child she had feared was lost.

“We can ask the guar- oh, wait. You killed him!”

“You’re still complaining about that?”

“You. Killed. A. Man.”

“So you’re saying I shouldn’t kill these petty humans for all the pain and suffering they’ve caused us?”

“I’m saying you should have gotten directions, keys and information first, you flaming fool!”

Mae contemplated her sister’s words. “Makes sense,” she mused.

Sugar fumed. “I hate you,” she told her older sibling.

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