Win To Prey part 3

Welcome to the mind of Zo. Not sure just how old she is yet… Somewhere between 12 and 16, I’m guessing. And yes, she’s been locked up her whole life.


Even if I can’t see them, I know they’re there. Watching me, taunting me, studying me like I’m an animal. I’m cold. And wet. And hungry. There’s pain. I’m hot, too, sometimes. It’s the same thing, over and over and over and over again.

But today is different. I can feel Her coming. I felt Her in my belly, when She changed, when She came near. I’m not sure who She is, but She can save me.

She’s here. Oh, Goddess, She came for me!

She killed him. The guy who was watching me is dead. Good. I can smile for the first time. I should greet my guest no my savior.

I waved. I wonder if She saw me. I hope She knows where I am. I don’t even know where I am. I just know it’s deep underground. There are always guards, men, they stink, watching me. The Black Eye On The Wall is how they see me. I hope She kills them all.

I can hear it. The water. It’s coming again. Whatever I did I’m sorry! I swear!

They’re afraid of me. I wonder why.

Oh, Goddess! The water, it’s cold! It seeps into my bones. My food is soggy, my clothes are always damp, I hate this. I hate this!

Maybe I should wave again. Maybe She didn’t see me.

No. I know She’s there. She’s there and She’s looking for me. She needs me. I need Her.

Water water make it stop go go away stop cold cold cold

Cold. Warm. I’m hot. Burning hot. What’s this? Orange? Flame? HOT! Why is it on me? I’m gonna burn burn burn hot stop

I’m not burning. I see smoke no steam. The water is drying. My clothes are drying.

She has come for me. I need to wait. She will free me from this place. No more Black Eye On The Wall to keep watch over me.

I’ll wave. She’ll see. I can feel Her in my belly. I’ll lead Her to me.

What’s this sound? Clang, bang, shriek, buzz. Clang, bang, shriek, buzz.

Alarms? Is She coming? Have they noticed Her? Clang, bang, BOOM.



What’s going on? I know She’s close. I can feel Her. I can feel huh what the heck is this?

There’s 2 of Her?

Sweet Goddess on the Throne! There’s 2 of Her!

I’d better sit down. What am I supposed to do with 2 of Her?

Wait. That’s wrong. There’s Her, and there’s The Other One. Yes. Only She is meant for me. The Other One simply needs to be removed from Her presence.

I have my purpose.

Now I need to figure out these flames things on my body. They might be useful.

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