why did you leave, child?
‘cuz anyplace is better than here
was your life so difficult?
you’ll never know the things i fear
i do not understand…
because you closed your eyes and refused to hear
my cries
my tears flowed every night
you offered questions and confusion
and abused me with your looks of disgust
why do you blame me?
because you knew
what i was going through
but when i needed your arms
you gave me your back
and pretended that you didn’t see
why did i leave?
i didn’t have a reason to stay…
i admit it, i was wrong
but it’s much too late

for you to be my friend
when i needed your protection
all i got from you was scorn
i was afraid…
of what the neighbors would say
of what the people would say
never once did you hear me
i thought that you would be okay
you always seemed to be stronger than me
you would stand and fight –
i was fighting for my life!
i was losing air and suffocating
i was in a place that was cold and dark and small
did my pain ever matter at all?
but why did you leave?
you never asked me to stay
you’re a runaway
i’m a survivor
just a lost soul
a seeker of enlightenment
you’re just confused
my mind has never been so clear
where will you go?
anyplace is better than here


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