Win To Prey part 6

It’s short, but… I don’t think y’all are ready for this. 🙂

Sugar Dayton jammed her right hand into her jacket and whipped out one of her guns. She whirled around to face the stranger, the muzzle of the weapon rising as she took aim. She needn’t have bothered; the weapon was knocked out of her hand with a length of chain that came flying toward her face.

She jumped back and landed in a fighting crouch. Rapidly, she calculated distance and odds without pausing to focus on the new threat. She flicked her eyes over to her sister to send a signal to the other woman, and found Mae standing transfixed, staring at the newcomer. Since no one was moving, which meant no one was fighting, she slowly rose to a standing position, hoping to make some sense of what she saw.

There were two females standing in the ill-lit corridor. The first was older; her shoulder stooped slightly as if life had been beating her for years and years. Her head was shaved; the little hair visible was flecked with white. Her tank top straps were loose; the left one rested on her upper arm, leaving her shoulder completely bare. A black bar code marred the smooth skin around her collarbone. Metal cuffs, each with its own short chain, graced both wrists and ankles. Her feet were bare. Cowering behind her, however, was the real shock.

The girl from the monitors looked just as damp as she did onscreen. Glowing symbols swirled around her, rippled up and down her limbs, and seemed to escape her lips as she breathed. Her eyes darted around nervously, but when they landed on Sugar, they grew dark and hard.

Shocked by the hatred in the gaze, Sugar turned away, and looked to her twin for guidance.


“I don’t believe it,” Mae muttered. Her body swayed with emotion as she repeated the same phrase again. “I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it,” the elder newcomer spoke gently. “Things are not always as they seem. Especially in this place.”

“Anybody care to fill me in?” Sugar inquired.

The young newcomer hissed in Sugar’s direction. Taken aback, Sugar curled her lip up into a sneer. She thought to herself, This little bit-

The older woman spoke again. “The time has come for a end to this,” she announced. “The four of us standing here can make it so.” She turned, and spoke to the girl behind her. “You have something to say?” she prompted.

The girl stepped forward, and reached out to a trembling Mae. “You came for me,” she said, in a surprisingly sensuous and mature voice. “I waited for you, and you have come. I have been blessed by the Goddess on this day!” She shouted triumphantly. “I never gave up hope that you would return to save me.”

“But I didn’t save you,” Mae muttered. “You got out before I got there.”

“No, no,” the girl retorted, shaking her head vigorously. “It was your coming that gave us the strength.”

Mae looked lovingly at the girl, and then turned her attention to the older woman. Tears formed in her eyes. “And you-”

“Nope, I don’t need to know what’s going on,” Sugar grumbled. “I’m perfectly fine standing here like an idiot.”

Three pairs of eyes shot her looks, each one dirtier than the last.

“I’m just saying,” Sugar said.

The girl spoke up first. “I am Zo! The Wielder of Fire, the Keeper of the Eternal Flame. And I don’t like you,” she sneered.

“Zo,” Mae warned. “That’s not nice.” Zo muttered something foul
under her breath and looked away.

“And you?” Sugar asked the older woman. “Who might you be?”

“I,” the woman proclaimed regally, “am Daytona, emissary of the Goddess, leader of Her army.”

“Eh?” Sugar questioned, confused.

“And,” she added, “I am your mother.”


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