Win To Prey part 7.1

I have a feeling this is going to be long, so I’m breaking it up into at least two parts, maybe three, in order not to overwhelm you. Enjoy.


“Bull. SHIT!” Sugar Dayton spat at the woman. “What mother? Where the hell were you when we were locked up and being tested ‘for our own good’? Where the fuck were you when those assholes sent two 7 year old girls out to hunt a monster by ourselves? Mother? Kiss my ass!” Sugar finished with a scream.

        “As you can see,” said Daytona as she rattled her chains, “I was a bit indisposed.”

“Sugar!” snapped Mae. “Show some respect. She didn’t want to give us up. She fought for us! I have the memories, remember?”

“Oh, that’s right. How grateful I am that you, dear older sister, have the memories. And the powers. And the child.” Her words dripped with sarcasm. The acid of her bitterness stung all four of them, even Zo, who was trying her best to blend into the background and ignore her aunt.

“What do you mean, you don’t have powers? Did I hear you right?” Daytona questioned her younger daughter.

“I am not talking to you! You, who has supposedly been locked up for years and years, just suddenly decided to waltz out of your dungeon or wherever the hell you were, and free Zo? So even she is worth more than me, right? Right?” Hysterical, Sugar’s voice rose with every accusation.

Mae Dayton crossed to her sister with a fierce look clouding her face. Raising her hand, she swung at her younger sibling’s face – and missed. Shocked, she tried again, with the same result. Frowning, she slowly tipped her fingers toward Sugar, intending to grab her arm. But instead of touching the expensive suit jacket material, she touched only air. A vibrating wall of air.

“Sugar,” she started, attempting to get her twin’s attention, but from the corner of her eye, she saw Daytona quickly shake her head.

No, Daytona mouthed. Let her see for herself.

Half-listening to Sugar’s ongoing rant, Mae searched her memories for answers.

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