Win To Prey part 7.3

Okay, the rest of part 7. Part 8 is coming soon. The end is nigh? We shall see…


Long after everything was over, Mae would remember thinking that it happened just like in the movies.

Time stopped, then started again in slow motion.

She heard herself screaming her sister’s name. Saw the bird-thing attack. Saw the fear on Sugar’s face. Saw the weapon fall. Saw the weirdest, prettiest, pale blue swirling around her twin’s body.

Saw the bird-thing explode into bloody bits.

Sugar collapsed, and Mae lost the lunch she was fighting to keep down.

And now, Mae was seeing those swirls around her sibling for the first time in 20 years.

“Oh, shit,” she said quietly.

Daytona cocked her head, raised and eyebrow, and nodded once, as if to say Glad to see that you remembered. Now stop her!


“Sugar Dayton, I guess that’s your name, right?” Zo cut in. “Look, I may not like you, but you’re going to get us all killed if we don’t get out of here soon.”

Sugar cut her eyes at the teen girl. The oxygen level dropped sharply as the air swirling around her picked up speed. Specks of blue light flashed in time with her words.

“Silence from you, little girl! I came to help my sister, not to save you. All my life, it’s been ‘Sugar, be sensible, be responsible, be a good girl and help your twin.’ I have had ENOUGH! For once, I will do things MY way, and there is no one who can stop me.”

“I’ll stop you if I must,” Zo stated confidently.

“And I would very much like to see you try,” challenged Sugar.

“Um,” Mae interjected. “Maybe we just need to worry about.. getting.. uh..”

Painful cramps twisted Mae Dayton’s gut into knots. Her breathing became, once again, ragged, and she dropped to her knees fighting for air.

“Mama!” Zo shouted.

“Mae?” Daytona stepped forward, reaching for her first born.

Sugar blocked her sister’s body with her own. “Back! Both of you. Mae is mine, and this is our fight.”

“But she needs help -”

“And I will help her. I’m the one who has been with her this long. Not either of you.”

“That was out of our hands,” Daytona said patiently.

“Stay. Out. Of. My. WAY!” Sugar growled. She bent over her sibling’s body, and enclosed her in the bubble of vicious air currents.

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