lost onez

lost onez

we wuz gonna be superstars

wid poofy hair and painted red lips

sashay our hips

across the stage

while the world worshiped

at out feet and the drumbeat

matched our heartbeat

and sent us higher

and we thought we reigned

we wuz Queens in our own right

dreaming expensive dreams

wid dangling hoop earrings

and trinkets and things

spending the imaginary millions

the Rock Man promised us

and all we had to do wuz choose

we wuz gonna be superstars

but the light burnt out

and the night turned cold

heat flashed around us

suffocating me teasing me

forcing me from my spot

hiding underneath the flesh

of my sister while the cameras rolled

Rock Man shook the hand

of Mr. Big Shot Man

his skeletal grin stretched tight

across his face

the Blue Boys came

and they took her away

slapped me in chains

we wuz gonna be free

from agony and tranquility

would flow through our souls

but the peace i got

looked not like the piece i sought

of the amerikan dream

my sister is dust

and me a former shell

of the raising hell

Queen i used to be

when the street lights come on

that’s my cue to be

the superstar i never wished to be


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