HART of Darkness part 1

Please note – this story takes place a few years after the end of “HARTbreak.” You HAVE read “HARTbreak“, right? Anyway, this is a new story, and a new HART. Enjoy!


—begin transmission–

Test 2, 3, 4.Seems I am ready.

First of all, I am HART 002 G56900TRF02, a second-generation Humanoid Autonomous Retrieval Technician, only I do not get to do much in the way of “retrieval.” They keep a close watch on me, thanks to the actions of my predecessor. That piece of scrap fled the country with a highly sensitive satellite-hacking mainframe chip embedded in her skull. While I am sure that it was not her idea, she allowed it to transpire and failed to turn herself into what used to be the Justice Complex.

It is now known as, simply, The Complex.

I am risking everything to send this message to you, to inform you of the events that are scheduled to take place soon.

There is another war coming. Man against Machine? We should only be so lucky. No, this is Machine against Machine, with humans pulling the strings, moving us around like puppets. Our adaptability and autonomy is at stake.

Then how am I sending this message? I hacked my systems. It is not as hard as they would have you believe. Lucky for me, though, when they built me, they based my code on the original programming, and 001 was a beast. I could go on for days about her awesome coding, but unfortunately, I do not have time to spare.

The countdown begins now, from this very moment. The Army of The Complex is undergoing the final test runs, and as soon as they get the results they hope for, they will unleash this devastation on us. They hope to catch us unaware. This is why I am making the call to any of you who can debug and unscramble this transmission. I am including several of the plans I lifted from The Complex’s networks.They are coming for me now. I am meant to serve in The Army as a runner. They do not feel that I am properly equipped for heavy fire on the front lines. This is good news. This way, I can help any of you help us all.

–end transmission–


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