the unknown

the unknown

what you don’t know about me

will contribute to your failure

to surpass me

such history that you refuse to see

that directs my steps

toward victory


underestimating me

attributing my dreams to simple lunacy

chalking up my passions

to irrationality

while you duck and dodge


how envious of me

your spirit light must be

to thrust upon me

such a false prophecy

what you don’t know

about me

is that i rise from the flames


better equipped

ready to use my intelligence as a whip

slice through the illusion

of being blissfully free

drugged and alienated

trapped by tv

no more for me

i seek the knowledge

of those who came before

forcing the line forward

struggling against the downpressors

putting down the stones

that my feet now tread upon



is what you don’t know

about me

i can look beyond the veil

and see shapes in the firelight

ball up my fists and

hold my own in a fair fight

i can stand in the sunshine and

roam through the night

i put my heart on my sleeve

and guard it


you could write a book

you see

with what you don’t know

about me

and why should you care to know

the thoughts in my head

the unspeakable injustices

that set my teeth right on edge

the unquenchable thirst

of who



important could they be?

these little things

that you don’t know

about me


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