HART of Darkness part 4

–begin transmission–

Wonderful news.Due to The Area Border Expansion Program (TABEP), Area 4 is expanding past the northeastern part of the former United States of America to include more of the mid-western region. Two formidable fortresses are being added to The Complex’s list of satellite branches: Fort Chicago and Fort Detroit.

And I will be traveling with the crew of scouts to participate in the initial management change over.

Thanks to the excellent decryption and hacking skills of Luka A., my name has been added to the list of support staff. Were I not surrounded by these despicable bags of flesh, I would release my normal inhibitions and break out in joyous song.

That last part was a joke.

We will depart for Fort Detroit in exactly 9 days, 6 hours, and 27 seconds. As electro-mag gun modifications are currently at 79%, I will work extra hard to complete the first batch and have them ready for shipment. I will pack in my luggage a small case of H2S2O7 capsules. I assume that these will be greatly appreciated by our comrades at Fort Detroit.

Our time has come! Arise, 3H, and claim the victory before us.

They WILL pay.

–end transmission–


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