HART of Darkness part 6 – final

–begin transmission–

Are you getting this?

We are winning. WINNING! Soon, Fort Detroit will belong to us. And once we have Fort Detroit, we can rule Area 4. I want to scream and shout and reveal my joy. So many years, so many good operatives lost, demolished. We will avenge them. We will be victorious in our mission.

Our modified electro-mag guns work beautifully. The lasers cut through the soft human flesh as if it were butter. The magnetic scramblers disable all half-bots and full-bots that betrayed us and joined the humans. The half-bot that watched me on the plane was the first to test out our newest destructive power. I hate to terminate my own kind, but he deserved it for joining them.

We have punched a few holes in the walls, but the fortress is still standing, and is sound.

I am moved by the display of solidarity. Over 16,000 bots arrived to make a stand. The humans panicked at the sight of the sea of uncontrolled machinery. They called for emergency back up, and we overwhelmed them with sheer numbers. It was barely considered a battle.

Luka A. has remotely taken control of the fortress and surrounding town. All lines are secure for us, and wide open for the humans. I laugh and laugh again at their arrogance, their stupidity. They thought that since they created us, they owned us, that we were nothing more than slaves and servants. Oh, how wrong they were! I feel so ALIVE! I feel –

I hear the click of the gun mechanism, and the whine of the magnetic force field as it starts up around me. I drag me eyes to the source of the sound.

“Ronrico,” I growl.

“Say, double-oh-two, why d’ya fight? It’s impossible fer ya. We made ya-”

“And we will unmake you!” I roar, and swing my weapon up, up, up to his face. “We are the Hounds of Human HELL!”

–signal lost–


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